Folk Style Sheet

Proof-reader for Folk, Sarah-Jane Forder, made a style sheet for the book that took into account some of my writerly idiosyncracies (I am hyphen-averse, it seems) while getting everything consistent. The result, as my editor Alexa von Hirschberg pointed out, is rather like a poem. It is also like a whirlwind tour of Folk. Here it is:

A  acknowledgement, ale room, all right, any more, ash-dust

B  bedclothes, bed sheet, bird skin, box bed, breakneck, bull-hide

C  catfish, corn dolly (n)

D  devil, dripstone, dunegrass

E  eyehole

F  farmhand, fiddle-master, fingerboard, fingernail, fire tongs, fishnet, fishscales, fishskin, fishtail, foamline, forever

H  hare skin, harvest queen, hearth rug, high-jinks, hoik

K  kite skin

L  lamplight, leaned, leanshed, lean-to, lifetime, lookout

M  marsh grass, mer-men, moon water

N  newborn, nickname, nightdress, night-time, no one

O  on to, ox-head, ox-hide, ox-men

P  piff paff, pincushion, piss-pot, plankwalk

R  rain water, riverbank, river water

S  saltwater, school house, schoolmaster, schoolyard, scrub-down, sea bed, sea-fog, sealskin, sea water, sheepdog, shirtsleeve, shoreline, shortcut, snow melt, spring clean, stable girl, stable hand, stream water, sun-up

T  till (for until), toenail, torch-bearer, trapdoor, trap-spring, tree-hut, tree trunk

U  underlayer, underwater

W  waterweed, wet nurse, whirr, whisky, whitewash, will-o’-the-wisp, windloft, window seat, workbench